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    Aiming to be one of the leading companies in the market, producing reliable and city-friendly residences around the world, MEP is taking firm steps forward in the sector with its innovative solutions, quality service and successful projects.

    We aim to increase the quality of life of people by designing modern living spaces with the projects we realize. We aim to make a difference with the high quality materials we use in housing projects, the combination of aesthetics and functionality in design, following the innovations in construction technologies and our commitment to the principle of sustainability.

    We aim to raise people’s living standards with our user-friendly projects. We draw attention with our environmentally sensitive projects designed in accordance with the natural texture of cities. Thus, we contribute to the livability of the cities where their projects are located. We gain the appreciation of our competitors in the sector with the quality of our projects, customer satisfaction and success.

    While offering quality living spaces to our customers, it also offers very valuable investment opportunities to investors. If you want to be a part of visionary projects for the future, you can become a partner of our investment opportunities.


    We offer opportunities for you to take part in the visionary projects of the future


    We are progressing in the sector with our innovative, quality and successful projects


    We offer quality and innovative solutions for reliable and city-friendly residences


    We design modern living spaces that will increase the quality of life


    We provide excellent service for quality before and during work

    public tenders

    We build structures that state levels need

    Message from our Chairman of the Board of Directors

    As an organization serving in the construction sector and continuing our activities, we are working to provide you with the highest quality service. MEP, a pioneering company that makes a difference in the sector, has successfully completed many projects since its establishment. At the point we have reached today, we are working to realize the dreams of thousands of people. We would like to state that the basis of our success is your trust and support.

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